Invisible Khaki & Mocha

Invisible Khaki & Invisible Mocha

An undershirt should really be invisible. That's what we think at Noshirt and why we have different Invisible colours in our range. For men, these are Invisible Khaki and Invisible Mocha. Let us introduce them to you.

Invisible Khaki

Invisible Khaki is our unique beige shade designed for light to olive skin. Even under a white, light or airy shirt, you won't see any contours. Countless tests preceded the development of this colour. The result was not only a unique undershirt colour, but also praise from our customers and retailers.

Invisible Mocha

For men with Mediterranean to dark skin tones, there is the shade Invisible Mocha. The perfect shade in the warm, brown spectrum. We also tested this colour extensively. We made samples, had men of all skin tones wear them and refined the shade until even the very last test subject walked around with a smile. And with an invisible undershirt, of course.

30-day trial period
Do you want to see it before you believe it? We get it. That is why (all) our undershirts come with a 30-day trial period. It's that easy: you simply order the undershirt you want (link to help menu) in the invisible colour. You can wear the shirt, wash it, dry it, and then wear it again. Are you still not satisfied about the invisibility or the comfort? Then send your Noshirt back and we will refund the purchase price to your bank account. (That's how confident we are.)

P.S. Not sure which invisible colour best suits your skin tone? Contact our customer service, we are happy to help you


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